Aion hosts ‘Inside a Hacker’s Mind’ for Sri Lanka’s cybersecurity professionals

‘Inside a Hacker’s Mind’ was the intriguing theme of an awareness programme conducted recently by Aion Cyber Security (Pvt) Ltd., a subsidiary of the Sierra Group. Around 100 cyber security industry professionals who were intent on learning about the latest cyber threats, including how hackers target vulnerable networks, participated in this event at Sierra Tower where Aion has set up the company’s new Security Operations Centre.

The keynote address at this event was delivered by Ty Miller, the Director of the Sydney based Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd., who has provided specialist cyber security training to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States Department of Defense, military and intelligence agencies, and large technology and security companies around the world.

Commenting on the event, Abbi Pilapitiya, CEO of Aion Cyber Security said: “With the growing trend of companies increasingly digitising and relying on technology, cyber security is no longer an optional expense but a critical business enabling necessity. Awareness programmes such as this contribute towards enhancing the maturity of the industry and the quality of cyber security talent in the country. This is important because Sri Lanka is extremely well placed as a hub for providing cyber security consultancy and management services, given the abundance of young talent ready to be trained to address the global lack of competent professionals in this space. Aion Cyber will continue to invest in training and R&D on automated, AI driven operations and services. We are excited at the opportunities being presented to us and are tracking ahead of  the targets we have set for ourselves to build knowledge assets and certified talent for the industry in Sri Lanka and the APAC region.”

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