Adorable! Pakistani woman offers Biryani to specially-abled boy: Watch

New Delhi: A video of a Pakistani woman in which she is seen helping a specially-abled boy by offering him Biryani is going viral on the internet. The boy was seen selling balloons, and as soon as he received a kind gesture from the lady, he was full of joy and excitement.

In the video, a lady named Faiza Naeem stops her car on the side of the road after seeing the specially-abled boy named Krish, who was selling balloons for a living and hands him the packet of Biryani. After receiving the packet, he thanked the woman and became happy. Later, when she asked how much he charged for a balloon, he replied, Rs 10 for each,” and Neema bought all the balloons. The boy was ready to give it for free, but she paid and doubled his amount. At the end of the video, Kirsh said thank you and pulled her cheeks in a sweet way.

Neema shared the video on her Instagram account and captioned the video, “Alhumdullilah, the best moments of my life.” Since the video was posted, it has gotten more than 12 million views.

Naeem also treated the boy to ice cream. Krish invited the woman to his home for a ‘dawat’ and promised her biryani, korma, and aloo kofte, among other things.

Netizens Reaction

A user wrote while preasing her gesture, “That’s a real happiness or peace.” Another user writes, “Pta ni kitni bar dekh li video.. or ansu hain k rukny ka naam ni le ry Allab bless him.”

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