Adobe introduces generative AI model Firefly, details inside

New Delhi: The scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is continuously increasing. Veteran tech firm Adobe has also made a grand entry in this segment by introducing new generative AI models. The American company has unveiled a new family of generative AI models called Firefly. This technology will help users to create text and images. The company claimed that Firefly will create more accuracy, speed, power and ease in content creation.

Through Adobe Firefly AI, users will be able to experience high quality images and great text effects on many levels. The company has launched the beta version of the latest technology, which will currently focus on commercial use. Going forward, it will be directly integrated with Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud and Adobe Express Workflows.

Superpowers for Creators

Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence based model will help in improving creativity and productivity. This technology makes the interaction between users and computers more natural, comfortable and powerful than before. The US based company is designing Firefly to give Superwar to all the creators, so that they can make their imagination come true.

Firefly power

With this tool, users can write in their own words and tell what kind of content they want. Amazing experiences like image, text, vector, video and 3D to color gradient brush and video transformation will be seen in Firefly. All these things will help in turning the passion of the creators into reality. Creative professionals can increase their creativity and productivity with Adobe’s generative model.

Picture will change like this

Firefly will give you a chance to do some things that you probably have never done before. According to the video released by Adobe, if you want to convert a particular image into a winter weather image on the AI model, then only ‘Change the sea to winter day’ has to be written. After this the view of the picture will change completely, and you will see a great image with ice or snow. You can see this effect in the above image.

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