8 types of Pulao that everyone must try at home

Pulao Recipes: The combination of rice, meat or veggies, ghee, and sauces is delectable. There are numerous versions of this recipe that you will adore, even though it is a straightforward dish. Try one of the meals to feed your friends and loved ones if you don’t want to tyre yourself while cooking a complicated supper.

Here are 8 different types of pulao you can try at home and enjoy with your family. You may find a unique variation of this particular meal in many civilizations around India.

1. Pineapple pulao

Simple matar pulao is probably something you’ve done a lot, but this seems interesting for a change. Much better in taste! It is a straightforward meal that can be made for both dinner and lunch. Try it at home and serve it on special occasions with raita and pickles.

2. Kothukari Pulao

It is a South Indian meal cooked with ground beef and an assortment of flavorful spices. This recipe is a delicious and healthy rice meal. Simple preparation procedures make it simple. Make some delicious raita to accompany it.

3. Methi Pulao

Methi sometimes referred to as fenugreek, is a nutritious ingredient used in cooking. Fenugreek seeds, basmati rice, and a variety of spices are used to make the delicious rice dish known as methi pulao in North Indian cuisine. It’s a tasty meal that you can make at home with ease and enjoy cooking for your loved ones and friends.

4. Kabuli Pulao

This delicious rice dish is typical of Afghani cuisine. The ingredients for this dish are mutton, rice, and a mixture of flavorful spices. Together with the mutton stock, it also contains dry fruits that improve the flavour. It is a mouthwatering dish that may be served at celebratory events like birthdays, buffets, and potlucks.

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5. Kashmiri Pulao

For Kashmiris, rice is a staple diet item. One of the most well-known pulao dishes that we are familiar with this dish. Its extraordinary flavour sets it apart from other recipes. You may enjoy the flavour of Kashmiri cuisine by making this dish at home, which is created with specific herbs and spices that give it a sweet and delectable taste.

6. Pudina Pulao

A straightforward recipe with a tasty twist is called pudina pulao. It is a hearty dinner that you can make with rice, mint leaves, cashews, and spices for days when you don’t feel like preparing much. As mint is an excellent source of antioxidants and phytonutrients, mint pulao is highly advised while suffering from indigestion.

7. Basanti Pulao

This recipe for Bengali pulao is traditional. The rice dish is incredibly tasty and simple to make. It has a rich flavour and taste because it is created with fresh spices and basmati rice. It has a lovely colour thanks to the saffron. At home, make and share it with your loved ones.

8. Chicken Pulao

This recipe is perfect if you don’t feel like making a fancy meal. It is a straightforward dish with mouthwatering chicken bits to make it filling. This dish’s outstanding flavour comes from a medley of aromatic spices combined with rice and chicken. This Hyderabadi rice dish is simple to create, unlike other Hyderabadi recipes. Serve at special events after preparing at home.

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