8 best Noodle recipes that could instantly cheer your child

Noodle Recipes: Noodles are a staple food in many cultures, and their ingredient composition and origins vary for each type of noodle. Whether it’s homemade chapati noodles or exotic chilli and garlic noodles, every recipe is unique and interesting. Here are eight interesting pasta recipes to try at home and enjoy with the family on lazy weekends. 

1. Sesame Noodles Recipe

This is a recipe for Chinese noodles with egg noodles mixed with sesame oil. Sesame noodles are perfect for making a nice brunch. This a delicious and healthy recipe with fresh vegetables and the perfect balance of carbs and fibre. 

2. Noodles with Rice

Ever heard of this recipe? If you’re in the mood for a quick Chinese meal, rice noodles are the perfect go-to meal. Both rice and pasta are delicious, and it is a healthy dishes with plenty of vegetables.

3. Chapati Noodles

This recipe is special because it is a dish that you must have eaten at least once in your life. Chapatti noodles made from leftover chapattis are an easy recipe to make. A great way to eat healthily. Enjoy homemade chapati noodles with vegetables of your choice.

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4. Mushroom Noodles

If you like mushrooms, you’ll also love this pasta recipe. Mushroom Noodles are the creamy taste of juicy mushrooms. Butter-fried garlic and black pepper bring out the creamy taste. Enjoy with your loved ones. 

5. Chinese Noodles

Chuka soba is a traditional Chinese dish that everyone loves. This recipe is recommended when you want to eat pasta. Perfect for any occasion, these noodles can be paired with a delicious Manchurian sauce or a spicy chilli garlic chicken sauce. It is a gem that you should enjoy at home.

6. Egg Noodles

Chinese food with plenty of vegetables is delicious and nutritious. Egg noodles are the perfect snack recipe to satisfy hunger. The nice thing about pasta is that it can be paired with delicious, savoury sauces that complement the flavour. It’s an easy recipe to make on a special day and enjoy with friends and family.

7. Singapore Noodles

Asian recipe with shrimp, noodles and peppers. If you love seafood, this Singapore noodle recipe is an absolute treat. It has a spicy flavour and can be paired with your favourite Chinese or Asian sauces. Perfect for family gatherings. 

8. Chilli Garlic Noodles

If you don’t want to cook an elaborate meal, Chili Garlic Noodles are a popular recipe in Indochina that everyone loves. Perfect for weekend prep. Made with chillies, garlic, noodles and fresh vegetables. It’s ready in a few easy steps and you can add paneer or chilli chicken to make it interesting and flavorful. Prepare this recipe for different occasions and enjoy it with your favourite sauce. 

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