5 Trendy Colours for Bedroom as per vastu

Vastu: Living a happy, tranquil, and healthy existence with your spouse or family is possible with the right vaastu hue for the bedroom. Selecting a bedroom paint colour by Vastu also aids in bringing wealth and abundance into one’s life. It influences the calibre of thought and displays your personality and self-presentation.

To ensure good vibes and positive energy in the home, it is crucial to build a house or design the interior by Vastu. The colour of your bedroom has a big role in the decor of your house. It significantly contributes to improving your mood. For instance, while red denotes strength and love, blue is calming and relaxing and encourages mental serenity.

Many professionals have frequently mentioned the importance of bedroom colour according to Vastu. And they all convey the same understanding, which is that the five components of life are immediately impacted by the bedroom’s chosen Vastu colours in a variety of ways.

A person’s soul is significantly influenced by colour. Hence, by Vastu, here are the top 5 trending colours for your bedroom.

1. Lavender

The hue lavender promotes calm and pleasant sleep. One of the top vastu colours for bedrooms in 2023 is a space with pinkish lavender tones. A bedroom painted in lavender creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Without drawing too much attention, this vastu bedroom colour gives the room a delicate touch. The lavender hue also complements white, beige, and other neutral tones wonderfully well.

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2. Charcoal

The ideal colour for a bedroom is charcoal grey if you want one that exudes elegance and class. Depending on the charcoal grey shade you choose, this hue might appear either cool or warm. By decorating the bedroom with tasteful interior accents and bedroom necessities like curtains, bed linen, cushions, etc., you can also accentuate the vastu hue of the space. The best part is that charcoal grey complements a wide range of decorating styles, so you may choose this colour for your bedroom without second-guessing your choice.

3. Blue

You can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom by using blue or pastel shades of blue for the walls. The best colour for unwinding after a long day is this one. According to Vastu Shastra, a colour scheme of entirely white with blue doors and furnishings would be fantastic.

4. Green

Green is one of the Vastu colours for bedrooms that represents healing, easing, and alleviation. The elderly or those with poorer immune systems are not allowed in this chamber to receive treatment. Instead of painting the walls green, you can decorate them with green accessories like plants.

5. Yellow

According to Vastu Shastra, the colour yellow is great for bedroom rooms because it represents happiness, intelligence, and wit. It transforms a compact space into one that is welcoming and expansive. What do you think of the sound of adding an accent wall decorated with floral wallpaper?

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