10 DIY ‘love’ cocktails you must try with your partner

Cocktails recipes: When was love easy? Whatever the reason, we have days to celebrate love and make love even more beautiful. Here’s a list of 10 cocktails for everyone you can make at home, regardless of your relationship status. 

1. Love margarita cocktail

A mix of strawberry, tequila and lime juice, the Love Margarita is a must for lovers of quirky and colourful tables.

2. Vodka chilli cocktail

A sweet note is enough to start everything off, so dare to do something different and start your celebration with a shot of chilli peppers and vodka.

3. Strawberry kiss cocktail

Need I say more? If you bring a nice Strawberry Kiss cocktail, you’re in the mood.

4. Kiss-must

How about a sweet, chocolatey and creamy vanilla drink this Valentine’s Day? Yes, please! A perfect drink for any occasion!

5. Tower of love

The Tower of Love is a well-thought-out cocktail made with only vodka and cranberry juice. Give it to your lover of the night and you won’t regret it.

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6. Raspberry beer

Lower your stress level with a pint of beer, but with a little bit of passion. Raspberry beer is a drink made from raspberry juice and beer. This beauty can have ready in less than 10 minutes. 

7. Mysterious cocktail

This name has two advantages. Firstly, you can follow the mystery cocktail recipe and surprise everyone around you. Second, you can play around with it and still call it a mystery cocktail.

8. Champagne classic cocktail

The classic champagne cocktail is one of the most delicious and classy cocktails he can easily prepare at home. Not only is it delicious, but it goes well with any snack.

9. Perfect pair cocktail

Not only is the name a Valentine’s Day pun, but the drink also contains pomegranate and pineapple juices, which pair beautifully with the vodka and give it a sweet, tangy flavour. 

10. Flaming cocktail

A fiery cocktail made from Kahlua and Sambuca is one of the most beautiful cocktails. Even if it’s a little difficult to prepare, it’s worth the effort. 

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