Your phone bill now covers hospital bills too!

 Ceylinco General Insurance and SLT-MOBITEL join hands to offer a unique insurance cover

Ceylinco General Insurance and SLT-MOBITEL recently announced the launch of a unique insurance benefit offered to SLT-MOBITEL customers. Under this new insurance cover, ‘Ceylinco SLT-Mobitel Ananthaya’, SLT-MOBITEL customers are entitled to a Serious Illness insurance of up to Rs 500,000 and a Personal Accident insurance of up to Rs 1,000,000 for death and total permanent disability due to an accident.

SLT-MOBITEL Fixed and Mobile users are entitled to these benefits and will receive an annual insurance cover equivalent to five times of their monthly bill value. For example, if the bill value is Rs. 5,000/- during the month of January 2023, they will be entitled to a cover of Rs. 25,000/-. In February, if the bill value is Rs 6,000/- they will be entitled to a cover of Rs. 30,000/- and accumulated cover by end of February will be Rs 55,000/. Likewise, this cover will accumulate as and when bills are paid. Each cover will be valid for a period of one year. Cover given for each bill will have a policy period of one year and will accumulate until it reaches a cap of Rs 1 Million. A very nominal premium will be charged for each cover such that they do not feel any financial burden to pay the small amount. For example, for a cover of Rs. 25,000/- which will be valid for one year, the premium will be only Rs. 100/-.

Commenting on the Ceylinco SLT-Mobitel Ananthaya scheme, Ajith Gunawardena, Chairman of Ceylinco Insurance PLC (the holding company of Ceylinco General Insurance) said, “Ceylinco General Insurance has served the people of our nation with the finest in innovative insurance products and services, which is an inbuilt component in the company’s DNA. Leveraging on this expertise, we have designed this unique product of high value thereby enabling SLT-MOBITEL customers to enjoy the benefits as long as they are covered under the scheme. Also, this unique scheme addresses a compelling need of the people for affordable health insurance cover for serious illnesses at a premium that is negligible. Considering ever-increasing medical costs, this benefit will undoubtedly ease the financial burden on our people to a great extent. We are more than happy to join hands with SLT-MOBITEL to launch ‘Ceylinco SLT-Mobitel Ananthaya’ insurance scheme which will be expanded to other sectors as well.”

Ceylinco General Insurance has already obtained a patent for the ‘Ananthaya’ product and several corporates in the country have expressed their willingness to get on board with Ceylinco General Insurance as partners. This product process won the ‘Innovation of the year’ award at the Asia Insurance Awards’ held in Singapore.

Commenting on this unique benefit offered to SLT-MOBITEL customers, SLT Group Chairman Rohan Fernando said, “We at SLT-MOBITEL are focused on continually enhancing the lives of our customers by understanding their evolving needs and offering solutions that are convenient and accessible. To this end, we are pleased to partner Sri Lanka’s most popular insurer, Ceylinco General Insurance, to offer our customers a product that is simple yet powerful, which enables them to remain protected against hospitalization due to serious illnesses with no additional financial stress.”

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