Yoga for students: Must-try steps to get rid of stress

Yoga for students: The increased expectation to perform well has caused a lot of unnecessary stress for the school going child and has also increased the number of children who are experiencing depression, panic attacks or suicidal thoughts. Yoga experts believe that with the divine means of yoga, parents can help their children deal with the stress of all these tasks and tests.

Children of all ages can benefit from the help of yoga for their overall well-being and development on all levels. Memory, concentration and focus can all make children do much better in school, making students more productive and qualified for future leadership positions.

7 best yoga for students to deal with exam stress

Kakasana: Start from Samasthi. Keep the palms flat. Lean forward so that your body weight is on your hands. Find your balance and elevate your feet.

Padmasana: Bend your left knee and place it on top of the right thigh. Similarly do the same with your right knee and place it on top of your left thigh.

Padahasthasana: From standing straight, while inhaling, raise the hands upwards. Hold your breath for a second or two before exhaling and at the same time lean forward. Your hands should touch your feet and try not to bend your knees while doing this asana.

Paschimottanasana: Begin with Dandasana. As you inhale, empty your stomach of air. As you exhale, bend forward at the hips and place your upper body over your lower body. As you exhale, lower your hands and grasp your toes with the fingers of your hands. As you try to touch your knees with your nose. Well you stay in the pose for some time.

Sirshasana: Vajrasana is the starting position. Your elbows should be on the ground. Your palms and elbows should form an equilateral triangle.

Ganesh Namaskar: With your left hand, hold the lobe of your right ear with your thumb and forefinger. Your thumb should be in front. Exhale deeply and slowly squat down to a sitting position.

Super Brain Yoga: Raise your left hand and place your thumb and forefinger on your right ear lobe, while standing straight and straight with your arms at your sides. Raise your right hand, placing your left ear lobe against your thumb. Your left hand should be in front of your right hand.

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