Woman suspended for having physical relations with 7 police officers

New Delhi: 26 years old Megan Hall was a police officer. But because of her misdeeds, she lost her job. Instead of doing work, she used to have sex with policemen inside and outside the police station. Not only this, she used to chat obscenely with fellow policemen and send pictures. The more her relationship with her husband was deteriorating, the more she was falling down.

Megan, fellow policeman suspended

When the matter opened, the investigative committee sat and Megan confessed to her crime. She described her movements in detail. The case pertains to the Tennessee Police Station of La Vergen in America from where Megan Hall was fired. Not only this, the policemen who had relations with her have also been discharged from the department.

Caught having sex with 7 policemen 

According to the New York Post, information about sex with Megan and fellow policemen were passed on to Vergen’s mayor Jason Cole. Following this monitoring was done. During this, Megan was caught having sex with 7 policemen in the hall. Many such things were revealed in the investigation. The game of wife-swapping was also exposed.

Husband was offered wife swapping

Investigation revealed that Megan Hall was married and was getting divorced with her husband. She was desperate about it. He felt that everything was getting out of hand. I got high at a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ hot tub party and here I have sex with my co-worker in the bathroom. She told that she used to persuade her colleagues for wife swapping as well. Once she even offered wife swapping to her husband. But his plan failed.

Crossed all limits of obscenity

Regarding why there was a divorce between husband and wife, the suspended policeman told that Megan Hall was caught by her husband having sex with another man. Then there was a sourness in their relationship and they got divorced. She drinks a lot and drives fast. Megan Hall used to have sex at police stations, parties and hotels. He had crossed all limits of obscenity. Not only this, there was also a game of wife swapping with the policemen and the hall. Nude pictures were exchanged.

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