Wimal: SIS to be placed under CIA

SLPP rebel and National Freedom Front leader, Wimal Weerawansa, told Parliament yesterday that the government was planning to place the State Intelligence Service’s decision-making responsibility under a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US.

Weerawansa said that a similar shifting of the responsibility had happened in 2001.

The 20-member Pentagon delegation, headed by US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs (PDASD), Jedidiah P. Royal, visited the SIS office in Colombo, according to Weerawansa.

“We heard that the US delegation visited the SIS office. Plans are underway to bring the SIS information handling and decision-making under CIA officials. The same operation was initiated in 2001 and suspended in 2004,” he said.

Weerawansa said the government should reveal what had been discussed and the decisions made during the US delegation’s visit. He claimed that they had met the President, Defence Secretary and heads of intelligence services.

Weerawansa asked Foreign Minister, Ali Sabry to explain to the House the purpose of the US delegation’s visit and meetings with local authorities.

Minister Ali Sabry said the Foreign Ministry was unaware of the visit and that it had been handled by the Defence Ministry.

Chief Government Whip Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said the government would inform the House of the matter later. (SI)


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