Why This '80s Actress Decided to Appear on MILF Manor

In the late ’80s, Lisa Wilcox was fighting off Freddy Kruger. In 2023, it’s younger men.

The 58-year-old actress, who starred as protagonist main Alice in “Nightmare on Elm Street 4” and 5, made her debut on TLC’s “MILF Manor” Sunday night alongside her son Ryan. The dating show is a competition series in which the dating pool is made up entirely of mother and son duos — as the moms hunt for younger men, who are all into older women.

Following an elimination the prior episode, Lisa and Ryan were thrown into the mix last night … and clearly didn’t know what they had gotten themselves into.

“My mom’s big personality is something that really stands out. She used to be an actress back in the ’80s and ’90s and still has that big outgoing personality,” Ryan said in a confessional alongside his mom. She, meanwhile, praised him for being artistic, before explaining why she decided to do the show.

“I came on this retreat to really spend some quality time with my son and also for us both to be looking for love at the same time. Maybe the missing piece was maybe I needed his opinion the whole time,” said Wilcox

Upon entering the house, however, they discovered the dating pool was only the moms and sons. “I thought it was going to be other people, other guys,” added the former scream queen. “Very interesting, what can I say.”

Things got even more, uh, interesting, when the whole cast participated in a sex education class.

During the session, the guys all showed off how much they really know about what mature women want between the sheets — with Ryan getting some of the ladies all worked up as he demonstrated his oral sex skills on an orange, placed between a female dummy’s thighs.

Lisa, meanwhile, told the other guys she’s “just as sexual” now as she was in her teenage years. Wilcox, who said she’s dated men 27 years her junior before, also explained she believes younger men are “better in the bedroom.” She added: “Older men have an insecurity about them. It’s kind of annoying … They needed more coddling.”

On social media after the episode aired, Wilcox opened up even more about doing the show.

“Love it or hate it. I got to spend three weeks with my youngest son Ryan. That’s why I did it. We were told we’d be dating younger/ older. Me – younger men. Ryan older women. Didn’t know it was going to be Mom’s and son’s only 🤔,” she wrote.

“It was an adventure for both of us. We became closer. I haven’t watched reality tv since the Bachelor years ago,” she continued. “Bummed they cut out the part I talked about – Oxytocin- the ‘love hormone.’ It was a sex Ed class and the Ed was cut out.”

She also shared a photo alongside fellow “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise star Heather Langenkamp — aka Nancy (below) — saying the pair watched the premiere together.

“MILF Manor” airs Sundays on TLC and streams on Discovery+.

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