Why Gurugram Woman locked herself with son for 3 years? deets here

Gurugram: In a shocking incident, a woman locked herself and her son in their house in Gurugram for three years due to extreme fear of Covid-19.

The woman’s husband Sujan Majhi, an engineer employed by a private company, approached the police officers of Chakkarpur police station and revealed the horrifying incident.

On Tuesday, at his request, a team of police, health officials, and personnel of the child welfare department arrived at the house, forced through the front door, and freed Munmun Majhi and her 10-year-old son from their captivity. Images from inside the house reveal a strewn-about jumble of clothes, hair, trash, and groceries.

Assistant sub-inspector Parveen Kumar Khanna said, “It seemed to be a marital discord to us initially. However, later we found that the woman probably had some disorder due to which she feared that her son would get infected with Covid-19. Issues started from February-March 2020 and continued till Tuesday. The husband, an engineer in a private firm, had to take another accommodation on rent nearby the place where the duo were living.”

He added, “She only ordered packed food items which could be washed with soap. She didn’t use the overhead tank’s stored water fearing it would make her and the son ill. The child’s hair had grown long and she used to cut them at home. Her entire house was filled with garbage.”

Dr. Virender Yadav, Gurgaon Civil Surgeon said, “The woman has psychological issues. Both of them have been referred to PGI, Rohtak. They have been admitted to the psychiatric ward for treatment.”

A woman who lived on the bottom level of the home where the mother-son pair resided claimed that although the mother occasionally came downstairs to see her husband, she never permitted the son and him to interact.

She said, “She avoided delivery boys too. She was living here for the last eight years but hardly interacted with us.”

Mr. Majhi thanked the police for their assistance and was pleased to see his family again. while talking to media he said, “Now they are being treated. I hope my life will be back on track soon.”

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