Why Fans Think The Colts' New Head Coach Looks Like This Actor

Colts fans say the team’s new head coach Shane Steichen bears a striking resemblance to Dax Shepard.

When the Indianapolis Colts announced their new hire on Tuesday, the “CHiPs” star began to trend on Twitter after fans couldn’t help but notice the two men looked eerily similar.

Some fans discussed how Steichen would lead the team and his qualifications while others took to the comments to talk about their intense resemblance.

“The Colts hired Dax Shepherd,”  one user tweeted.

Another person wrote, “Welcome Coach Dax Shepard,” while a fellow fan also commented, “Shout out to Dax Shepard for the career change.”

“Now that Dax Shepard has conquered the podcast world, it’s time to conquer football,” someone said, referencing his hit podcast, “Armchair Expert.”

One user suggested taking the resemblance to the big screen.

“SOMEONE MAKE THIS MOVIE,” they tweeted. “What happens when a rookie head coach is so determined to prove his worth to his half-crazed team owner that he’d resort to kidnapping an opposing coach? See Omar Epps as Mike Tomlin and Dax Shepard as Shane Steichen in ‘BYE WEEK’.”

Here are some of the Colts fan’s best jokes on their similarities.

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