What are benefits of Amla Juice? check here

Benefits of Amla Juice: Amla is very good for health. The immunity of those people who consume Amla regularly remains strong. Immunity needs to be strong, and by this, we can stay away from many diseases. Amla is available in abundance in the winter season. The more beautiful the round gooseberry looks, the more it benefits the health.

Eat gooseberry raw, but its taste is a bit astringent, so people like to eat it by making pickles, jams and chutneys. Today we have brought you the recipe for Amla juice which is tasty to drink and easy to make. Let us know the method of preparing Amla juice and its health benefits.

Benefits of Amla juice

Amla is very good for your health. Its juice is easily available in the market. But you can also make it at home. Drinking a glass of amla juice a day reduces the acid level in the stomach. Apart from this, drinking this will also remove skin problems, hair loss and dry scalp. This juice is very useful for those who are thinking about weight loss. Regular consumption of this also keeps your eyes healthy. Amla juice is very useful for those who are suffering from diabetes. If diabetic patients are consuming it, then keep in mind that do not put sugar in it at all.

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Ingredients to make Amla juice 

5 / 6 gooseberries
Black salt as per taste
Half teaspoon sugar

How to make Amla juice? 

To make amla juice at home, first, wash all the gooseberries thoroughly.
After this, cut them and separate the kernels.
Its kernels are tight, if that too goes in the mixer, then the mixer is damaged.
Then put them in the mixer and grind them well by adding a glass of water and sugar.
Now filter it with the help of a sieve. And mix salt and drink it.
It will be tasty to drink and will also be good for your health.

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