What are benefits, health risks of Cheese? Check here

Cheese Lovers Alert: Paneer is a dairy product. Thousands of different varieties of cheese are produced around the world, and they all share a milk origin. Yes, the taste may vary depending on the texture.

In Europe it is divided into seven different categories. These categories are fresh cheeses, aged fresh cheeses, soft white rind cheeses, semi-soft cheeses, hard cheeses, blue cheeses and flavour-added cheeses. Although it cannot be different from the milk, apart from paneer, there are many other delicious types of paneer in India. Some of these are Bandel, Chhena, Kalari, Kalimpong Cheese and Churpi. Let us now have a look at the health benefits and risks.

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Health Benefits of Cheese

Improve cholesterol
Improve bone and muscle health
Improve dental health
Source of conjugated linoleic acid
Protect blood vessels
Rich source of Vitamin B12
Promote healthy weight gain

Health risks of Cheese

Causes bloating, flatulence and diarrhea.
Can cause migraine.
May cause allergies.
High sodium content.
There is a lack of fibre.

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