WATCH: Taxi driver travels 100 km to reunite dog with owner

Viral: A three-year old pet dog Cavapoo named Ralph got separated from its owner Georgia Crewe as he got involved in a conversation with another dog parent. According to media reports, the dog had strayed back to the road leading to their house and, en route, gotten into a taxi heading to the Manchester airport.

Ralph traveled a 100 miles

Ralph was sought after after a three-hour search of the Gresford Quarry woodlands. The dog had a rather exciting day when, after becoming separated from its owner, he travelled 100 miles (about 161 kilometers) round trip to Manchester airport.

The owner Crewe said to media, “A taxi had pulled up to pick up a family who were heading on their holidays. It was cold, and Ralph just jumped into the cab.”

Taxi driver helps the poor soul to reunite with his family

The taxi driver noticed Ralph in the vehicle and attempted to get in touch with the animal’s owner but was unsuccessful because Ralph’s collar lacked any identifying symbols. Instead of leaving the dog on the street, the driver opted to take him for a long ride in hopes of eventually locating Ralph’s owner. After dropping off the family at Manchester Airport, the driver took Ralph home with him so he could find his owner.

Like any other pet owner, he posted information about Ralph’s absence on Facebook, along with pictures and his last known location. A few hours later, a friend of the driver who had seen the driver’s social media post told Becky that the puppy had travelled 100 miles to Manchester Airport in her friend’s taxi.

Crewe then hurried to the Mold, Flintshire, home of the taxi driver before returning home that same day with Ralph. In case the dog ever makes a similar voyage again, Crewe has decided to purchase it a GPS tag, flashing light, and ID disc.

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