WATCH: Rat steals diamond necklace from jewelry shop

Viral Video: A video of a rat is going viral on social media in which the rat can be seen stealing Dimond necklace from a jewelery shop. In a video that Rajesh Hingankar, an IPS officer, posted on Twitter, a rat can be seen stealing a necklace and running away from the scene.

The 30-second CCTV film shows the rat stealing a necklace from a jewelry store’s display. The rat hopped directly onto the necklace stand from a gap and played around for a short while. The rat cracked the lock on the necklace and made off with it.

#अब ये चूहा डायमंड का नेकलेस किसके लिए ले गया होगा….

— Rajesh Hingankar IPS (@RajeshHinganka2) January 28, 2023

The video garnered over 33k views after being posted online. After watching the video, Twitter users were understandably thrilled and erupted in laughter.

Netizens react

A user wrote, “His wife must be asking every day when I have come, never bring me a new gold necklace, bring it today and now, so the poor must have come”, another user wrote, “Think, if there was no CCTV footage, then how many people would have been taught about their health in the police station”, a third person wrote, “Sir, now you will have to take action on this, the rat is very scoundrel, he must have stolen before 14th February also.”

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