WATCH: In-laws welcome groom with cigarette and paan

Viral: A video is going viral on social media in which a groom can be seen being welcomed by his in-laws in a unique tradition. They can be seen giving him a cigarette and paan. In the video, the mother-in-law is seen placing a cigarette in the groom’s mouth while the father-in-law lights it. But the groom doesn’t smoke, so the father-in-law takes it away.

Later, they added a disclaimer in the comment that read, “This is an old tradition in some villages of south Gujarat.” He doesn’t even smoke; you can see in the video that he didn’t even turn on the light; he did this just for the ritual. And it’s just a “be ghadi gammat.” Just laugh and ignore it; there’s nothing to be offended by.”

Indian weddings feature a week’s worth of lavish traditions, including extensive religious rituals, glitzy dress, singing and dancing, and an excess of jewellery. Each of these rituals has a deep emotional significance.

Netizens react

A user writes in a funny way, “Aree woh iska brand nahi hai iska brand choti gold hai”, another writes while saying they too have the same ritual, “Yeah in Bihar also we give paan cigerates to groom family members”, a third user writes, “Bride jesi bhi mile, bas saas esi hi milni chahiye.”

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