Vastu Tips: 5 hanging bells that you should use at home

Vastu Tips: A beautiful addition to any home’s decor are hanging bells. In addition to being readily available, these assist you in repairing your home’s Vastu. We went into great length about hanging bells Vastu in this article and gave you some lovely options to buy for your home.

Both online and offline, hanging bells come in a variety of designs and are reasonably priced. You may easily create one for your home if you are interested in DIY projects.

Here are the best 5 hanging bells that you every house should have:-

1. Simple Silver Hanging Bells

Beautiful hanging bells may add a lot of attractiveness to your home. Place the metal chimes in the west or north of your home to increase prosperity. If you hang it in your home’s west direction, it will bring luck to your kids and assist them in upholding the family’s honour and respect.

2. Bright Orange Hanging Bell

There is more to the hanging bells than just lovely sounds. Vastu is highly crucial for hanging bells to increase happiness and drive away bad luck. You may bring a lot of happiness and luck to your home once you’ve decided to hang a metal hanging bell and have placed it by Vastu principles.

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3. Golden Metal Hanging Bell

As indicated by dangling bells the best approach to bringing happiness is by the use of vaastu bells, which have six or eight hollow rods. By selecting a lovely metal wind chime with an equal number of hollow rods, you may strengthen the force of positive energies.

4. Hanging Bell with Feng Shui Coins

Place ornamental hanging bells with feng shui coins in the west direction of your home to attract prosperity. These can readily offer the family members luck and honour when hung in the west, especially the younger generation. Whether employed as a design or decor piece, these hanging bells will also significantly improve the aesthetic of your space.

5. Sea-Shells Hanging Bells

Vastu experts claim that beautiful hanging bells can give your home a unique aesthetic, assist ward off negative energies, and draw positive energy in. The lovely ringing sound keeps the energy moving and promotes positive energy flow in the living areas.


A beautiful addition to your home’s decor, hanging bells are also very powerful in luring good energy. hanging chimes According to vaastu principles, strategically installing bells in your home can increase prosperity. Take action now! Today, bring a hanging bell home.

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