US$ 455 Mn earned from local spice exports last year

Director of the Agri Export Department (Development) Janaka Lindara said that USD 455 million had been earned last year by exporting local spices.

He said that this income has been earned through exporting 58,000 metric tons of spices such as cinnamon, pepper, cardamoms and nutmeg and this amount when converted into rupees is Rs.150 billion.

Director Lindara revealed this fact during a media briefing held at Agri Export Department in Peradeniya. He said that the highest export income was earned through cinnamon last year, and that is USD 217 million. He stated that 18,200 metric tons of cinnamon were exported in order to earn this amount.

The Director also said that a sum of USD 75 million has been earned by exporting 11,500 metric tons of pepper. He emphasized the fact that a sum of about USD 13.5 billion is circulating within the global spices market and as a country we only claim 0.5 billion of that amount and that the department intends to increase that to 0.6 billion during this year. 

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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