Turkey earthquake: Death toll increases to 9,500, rescue operations continue

Turkey earthquake: The death toll from the earthquake that rocked Turkey and Syria on Monday has increased to 9,500. The death toll from the earthquake that rocked Turkey and Syria on Monday has increased to 9,500, According to officials.

Totla 6,957 people were killed so far in Turkey, while 2,530 were killed in Syria. According to Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay, at least 34,810 persons have been injured in Turkey, while in Syria There have been 4,654 recorded injuries.

Turkey earthquake: Search for survivors

The search for survivors of Monday’s devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria continues on Wednesday. Foreign aid from a variety of countries has begun to arrive in the region.

Rescuers are racing against the clock to retrieve people from the ruins of earthquakes in southern Turkey and war-torn northern Syria. As the death toll rose, so did despair and rage at the slow pace of rescue efforts, according to Khaleej Times.

Series of earthquakes

Following a series of earthquakes and aftershocks in Turkey and Syria, many attempted to evacuate the destroyed city of Gaziantep, which is around 33 kilometres (20 miles) from the epicentre.

With the airport and several routes outside the city closed, individuals unable to evacuate sought safety in shopping malls, stadiums, mosques, and community centres on Tuesday.

“It was too late when I considered leaving the city,” Yunus Koser, 25, told Al Jazeera.

When the first earthquake struck early on Monday, Koser, who took refuge in Sih Fetullah plaza with his mother and brother, was working a night shift in the Ibrahimli neighbourhood, one of the city’s worst damaged neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Red Crescent has urged Western nations to relax sanctions against the country in order to enable relief efforts.

“Raise the economic sanctions placed on Syria and the Syrian people,” stated Syrian Red Crescent President Khaled Hboubati.

“Make room for us. We are prepared to assist you. “We are prepared to deploy supply convoys to Idlib across the crossline,” he told reporters.

“I appeal to the United Nations, the European Union, and the USAID Program for assistance,” he continued.

The Syrian government continues to face harsh economic penalties in reaction to extensively documented human rights crimes since the crisis began in 2011.

The massive search for survivors in Gaziantep has been ongoing for more than 50 hours, with some rescuers digging through concrete and debris with just their hands, according to CNN.

Bulldozers and workmen in helmets are ploughing into the mountainous pile of broken concrete, surrounded by plumes of dust.

They are concerned about the infrastructure of buildings on either side of the rubble, which has been affected as a result of Monday’s terrible earthquake and could yet collapse.

The quake, one of the largest to hit the region in more than a century, occurred at a depth of 24.1 kilometres (14.9 miles) 23 kilometres (14.2 miles) east of Nurdagi in Turkey’s Gaziantep province.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced a three-month state of emergency in ten provinces, as rescuers in Turkey and Syria race against the clock in the aftermath of Monday’s deadly earthquake.

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