Tech tips: Here’s how to appear offline on Instagram, details inside

New Delhi: Instagram is one of the most used social media apps in the world. You are together by posting pictures and videos on Instagram. Reels can be created as short videos. You can put stories like WhatsApp status. Along with this, you can also chat with your friends and share posts or reels with them. Meta is the parent company of Instagram. Facebook and WhatsApp also come under Meta only.

What is Activity Status?

Just like on WhatsApp people can see whether you are online or not, in the same way Activity Status is also there on Instagram. With this feature, people who chat with each other or follow each other can see whether a person is online or offline. This feature can be useful for some people, but not everyone wants to show that they are visible online. Many people do not want to show their online status due to various reasons. Well, whatever the reason, the good thing is that Instagram allows you to hide your activity status.

How to hide online status on Instagram?

First of all check whether your Instagram is updated to the latest version or not. If not, then first update the app. After this follow the steps mentioned below.

Open Instagram on your Android or iOS smartphone.
Tap on your profile in the bottom right corner.
Tap on the three lines in the top right corner.
Open Settings.
Tap on the Privacy option.
Scroll down a bit and tap on the Activity Status tab.
Turn off Activity Status from here.

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