Sylvester Stallone's Family Reality Series Teased in New Paramount+ Ad

Sylvester Stallone will soon be giving an inside look into his personal life in the upcoming reality series, “The Family Stallone.”

In a press release on Thursday, Paramount+ revealed the eight-part docuseries will premiere this spring on the streaming service. “The Family Stone” will center on Stallone and his family, including his wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone, and his three daughters: Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet.

The synopsis for the show reads: “After playing some of the most legendary characters in cinematic history, three-time Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone is ready to give cameras access to what he would consider the greatest role of his lifetime: dad. This new series starring Stallone’s three daughters, wife and himself offers a seat at the table of one of Hollywood’s most famous families.”

Also on Thursday, Paramount+ dropped a new Super Bowl ad that featured Stallone and his daughters, alongside some characters from the streamer’s shows.

The Big Game commercial opened with Dora the Explorer and a group — including Stallone’s daughters — who all stood at a snowy mountain camp as Dora read from a map that showed how to climb “the mountain of entertainment.”

“Okay, this mountain has three faces,” Dora said. “The northern face, the southern face, and…”

“The Sylvester Stallone face,” said Lieutenant Jim Dangle, the “Reno 911!” character played by Thomas Lennon, before Stallone’s face is revealed to have been carved into the mountain.

“Star Trek: Lower Deck” character, Beckett Mariner, who is voiced by Tawny Newsome, then chimed in, asking, “Who’s crazy enough to climb that?”

The clip then panned to Stallone, who was dangling off the nose of his mountain face with just one arm.

However, his daughters — who looked up from the ground — didn’t seem too fazed.

“Is that dad?” Scarlet, 20, asked, to which Sophia, 26, added, “He always does this.”

Mountain Sly then sneezed, throwing Stallone off of the large mountain. He then hit the snow with a loud thud.

“He’s fine,” Sophia said, and Sistine, 24, assured, “He does this. This is normal.”

Before the ad ended, the video showed Stallone making snow angels on the ground. “I wonder if I need surgery,” the “Tulsa King” star said.

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