Sunny Hostin Booed on The View for Likening Kim Kardashian to Raquel Welch

“The View’s” audience did not hesitate to voice their disagreement over co-host Sunny Hostin’s rather hot take about sex symbols on Thursday’s episode on the daytime talk show.

During the “Hot Topics” segment, Hostin and her fellow panelists — Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Ana Navarro — spoke about the death of legendary actress, Raquel Welch, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 82.

“We were so heartbroken to hear of the passing of one of the world’s most enduring sex symbols — the fabulous Raquel Welch,” Goldberg said, kicking off the discussion. “Sail on, Raquel. Sail on.”

After Goldberg’s tribute, Behar noted, “They don’t make any sex symbols like that [anymore].” Hostin then chimed in, naming Kim Kardashian as a modern-day sex symbol, which did not go over well with “The View’s” studio audience.

“Well, Kim Kardashian is –,” Hostin started, to which the audience immediately reacted with a collective, “No!”

Behar agreed with the audience, telling Hostin. “Kardashian?! No!”

The studio hilariously continued yelling and booing, to which Hostin put her hand to her chest in mock horror. “Turning, turning! The audience is turning!” Behar quipped, highlighting the audience’s reaction.

Goldberg joined in on expressing her disagreement with Hostin’s suggestion, with the moderator struggling to even get out the words to respond with.

“That’s not even — you can’t even put them in the same — I’m not even — look, I’m moving on,” she said, to which Behar joked in reply, “Now she’s ticked off!”

Meanwhile, Navarro then took the opportunity to conclude the topic on a more serious note, sharing why she was upset over how some news outlets covered Welch’s passing.

“I was really frustrated yesterday,” she said. “In every mention that I saw in the news about Raquel Welch, nobody mentioned that she’s Latino!”

The audience applauded in reply, before Navarro added, “She was a Latina trailblazing actress from Bolivia.”

News of Welch’s death broke on Wednesday. Family members of the icon told TMZ she died on Wednesday morning following a brief illness.

Welch rocketed to international stardom as a sex symbol in 1966 when posters for her minor role in “One Million Years B.C.” were released and swiftly became bestselling memorabilia.

She had starring roles in films such as “Bedazzled” (1967) and “Bandolero!” (1968) and went on to win a Golden Globe for 1974’s “The Three Musketeers.”

Some credit Welch with helping create the modern action-heroine, with Quentin Tarantino citing her film “Hannie Caulder” (1971) with being an inspiration for his Kill Bill films.

Welch was married four times throughout her life, she is survived by two children, Tahnee and Damon Welch.

Following the news, Hollywood took to social media to mourn Welch’s death. Click here to see how stars paid tribute to the Welch.

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