Sri Lanka offers assistance to Turkey; No Sri Lankans affected

On the instructions of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, Foreign Minister Ali Sabry PC has offered assistance of rescue service to the Foreign Minister of Turkiye following two major earthquakes that struck the country yesterday morning, the Presidential Media Division said yesterday

Foreign Ministry yesterday said that no Sri Lankan has been affected due to the earthquakes that claimed more than 2,400 lives yesterday morning.

The Ministry said that the situation is being closely monitored and the Sri Lankan Mission in Ankara has not received any information of Sri Lankan being affected due to the earthquakes.

Reports from the Sri Lankan Mission have revealed that 09 Sri Lankans were employed in the region   where the earthquake took place and it has been verified that six out of them are safe.

He said that the Ministry is gathering information to ascertain whether the other three Sri Lankans were in Turkiye or had returned to Sri Lanka.



by Daily News Sri Lanka

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