Sonu Nigam files complaint after being manhandled at concert

New Delhi: Sonu Nigam’s February 20 event in Chembur, Mumbai, turned into a nightmare as he was abused. The renowned musician was on stage in Chembur when a man described as Swapnil Prakash Phaterpekar assaulted him and his team over a selfie. The man pushed Sonu’s close aide, Rabbani, off the stage during the brawl. Following the incident, the singer spoke to reporters and explained how things could have gone wrong.

Sonu Nigam opens up on being pushed from stairs during his Chembur concert

A video from last night’s incident has gone popular on the Internet. A man was seen walking behind the singer for a selfie before pushing Sonu’s security and close aide, Rabbani Khan, off the stage.

Post the incident, Sonu addressed the incident when he spoke to the reporters outside and said, “I fell on the steps after I was pushed. Rabbani came to save me and was pushed from behind. He could have died. I filed a complaint because people must ponder over it when they force someone for a selfie.”

Sonu Nigam was at Chembur for a Shiv Sena (UBT) function hosted by Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Prakash Phaterpekar. Others apparently rushed in to take photographs with the musician as he walked down the stage.

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