SITL implements Lanka’s largest secure data centre for CRIB

Softlogic Information Technologies Ltd. (SITL) has successfully completed its implementation of the Credit Information Bureau (CRIB) Score data centre infrastructure.

CRIB is the first Credit Information Bureau in the South Asian region.

For over three decades, CRIB has been one of the pillars of the sound financial infrastructure of the country and tendered its silent contribution towards the strengthening of the foundation of disciplined credit culture in Sri Lanka, ensuring the stability of the banking and financial industry as a whole.

As part of its ongoing technology transformation journey, CRIB’s focus on modernization through the facility, infrastructure, and application stack will increase resiliency, enable rapid business product innovation, and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

The new infrastructure will allow clients to manage and access data in real-time.Working in tandem with the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka, the only credit bureau in the country, SITL has gone above and beyond its means to successfully establish a highly resilient, secure &flexible data center and cloud architecture which is central to CRIB’sScore infrastructure.

The CRIB data centre implemented by SITL is the largest data centre in the country and it utilises the most comprehensive cyber security strategy to secure over 13 million records.

It was developed to offer efficient data management and process administration, to ensure data confidentiality and process integrity of the highest quality and standard.

CRIB has been a pillar in Sri Lanka’s financial infrastructure and continues to strengthen the foundation of a disciplined credit culture in the country.

Director and General Manager of CRIB Nandi Anthony shared his thoughts: “It wasn’t a case of simply filling out Bill of Materials, but it was during the height of the pandemic, and the teams had to work together to fulfil this project. We are very grateful to have worked with a company with the resources of Softlogic IT, and we could not have asked for a better partner for this project.”


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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