Sitharaman drapes red saree for Budget 2023 presentation

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has always her distinctive appearance for the budget. Her love for sarees and for Indian textile was clearly reflected from her costumes and attire for the budget presentation.

Sitharaman, draped in a traditional temple border saree, arrived in Parliament on Wednesday. Her Indian wearing scatters elegance of culture with the strong belief in the pride of woman.

Saree is not only traditional and culturally rich but it also has significant religious values. Temple sarees are typically made of cotton, silk, or a combination of the two and are worn on special occasions. On Budget Day, Sitharaman wore a red temple saree with a black border and intricate gold work. The lovely saree also had a star-like design.

The colour we wear on an important day can say a lot about the message we’re trying to convey. Red represents love, dedication, strength, and bravery. In Hindu culture, red is frequently associated with Goddess Durga, the embodiment of female strength and power.

Sitharaman, holding a red digital tablet, looked classic and elegant as she posed for photos in front of the Ministry of Finance’s Central Secretariat on Wednesday morning. She accessorised her simple ensemble with a small bindi and gold bangles.

Sitharaman has been seen actively promoting traditional handlooms, particularly since her appointment as Finance Minister in 2019. Her wardrobe choices from the current and previous budget sessions demonstrate her commitment to handwoven fabrics.

2019 Union Budget

Sitharaman chose a simple pink Mangalgiri saree with a gold border for her first Budget presentation of 2019. Pink is typically associated with women’s empowerment, and Budget 2019 was all about ‘Nari tu Narayani’. Sitharaman drew attention not only for her simple saree, but also for abandoning the colonial tradition of carrying ledger papers in a briefcase. She was wearing a traditional ‘bahi khata’ as she carried the Budget documents.

2020 Union Budget

Sitharaman wore a bright yellow-gold silk saree in 2020. The colour yellow has significant meaning. It is thought to be a sacred colour that represents prosperity.

2021 Union Budget

Sitharaman was dressed in a red and off-white silk Pochampally sari with ikat patterns and a green border. Pochampally ikat is traditionally made in Bhoodan Pochampally, in Telangana, and is popularly known as the ‘silk city of India’.

2022 Union Budget

Sitharaman drapped Bomkai saree typically made in Sonepur district of Odisha for the Union Budget 2022. It was a rust and maroon handloom saree. Her saree’s rusty brown tone was a combination of two colours, brown and red, that have a deeper meaning.



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