Savannah Chrisley Calls Out Bobby Bones For His Comments About Parents' Conviction

Savannah Chrisley is hitting back after Bobby Bones made comments about her parents — Todd and Julie Chrisley — and their prison sentences on his radio show.

On Tuesday, the reality star took to her Instagram Stories to slam Bones for criticizing her parents, who are serving time in prison for bank fraud and tax evasion. The “Dancing with the Stars” alum emphasized the fact that the couple was found guilty, which did not go over well with Savannah.

“So … @mrbobbybones — if you’d like to discuss my family and the case then let’s sit down and do it accurately. Yes — BOTH of my parents are incarcerated. That would be one thing that you are correct on,” Savannah, 25, wrote. “BUT Studies estimate that between 4-6% of people incarcerated in US prisons are actually innocent. If 5% of individuals are actually innocent, that means 1/20 criminal cases result in a wrongful conviction.”

“All I ask is for mutual respect and decency,” she added. “But for now I will meet you where you came for me. Let’s sit and chat!”

In another post, the “Chrisley Knows Best” star shared a screenshot of what appeared to be a write-up of a court case. Alongside the post, she wrote, “Feel free to do all the research.”

In November, Todd was sentenced to 12 years behind bars, while Julie was given 7, after being convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion earlier this year.

Todd, 53, and Julie, 50, reported to jail on January 17 to begin their prison sentence. The Chrisley patriarch is serving his time in a Florida prison while the family matriarch is facing lockdown in Kentucky.

The couple will also be required to undergo 16 months of probation after their release.

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Bobby Bones Show,” Bones brought up Todd and Julie’s legal troubles amid their prison sentence.

“Once somebody is convicted and found guilty, you can kind of go, ‘Well, they’re guilty of this.'” And I’ve even said, look if it comes out [and] turns out they didn’t do it, I’ll come on and go like, ‘Well I’m got to eat my crow.’ But there’s really no crow.”

Bones and his co-hosts went on to discuss Todd and Julie’s case, before the radio show’s digital director, Morgan Huelsman, read a comment that Savannah allegedly left on “The Bobby Bones Show’s” Instagram account.

According to Huelsman, Savannah called out the radio show for discussing “very inaccurate information” about Todd’s prison facility, claiming she also added, “Laughter at the expense of others isn’t the greatest look on you.”

“There is no laughter at the expense of others,” Bones said, reacting to Savannah’s apparent comment. “There was laughter on if that prison is that fancy and also, expense of others? He went to jail for stealing money.”

Huelsman said Savannah’s older brother, Chase Chrisley, also shared a comment on their Instagram post, allegedly writing, “Zero class as usual. Also completely false.”

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