Roselyn Sanchez Underwent Breast Lift, Wasn't Thrilled with Husband's Initial Reaction to Results

Roselyn Sanchez is very happy with her recent breast lift. Her husband’s initial reaction to her surgery, however, is another story.

On the couple’s “He Said, Ella Dijo” podcast Tuesday, the “Fantasy Island” star and husband Eric Winter opened up about her operation, which she had about 10 days prior to recording. Explaining she got a lift without an implant and corrected a scar on her right armpit, Sanchez first praised her “incredible” doctor Dr. Rady Rahban.

Promising fans will see the results on her “next outing,” Sanchez said she knows six weeks to a year from now she’ll feel like “it was all worth it” — but has been struggling with her feelings about the whole situation.

“Right now, I’m still in shock because there’s scars and the anesthesia was an ordeal for me. It was a big surgery so as of now, I’m so grateful to my doctor and I know everything looks incredible,” she said. “I have the pictures, people that I show them too, everybody’s like, ‘Ros, it looks amazing.'”

However, she said she feels some people “go through a bit of a depression after something like plastic surgery,” with Winter noting, “You definitely are.”  After opening up about her issues with constipation, she said, “My titties are beautiful” and added, “I’m gonna be very happy.”

“The funny thing is she sends me a picture and says, ‘Are you happy.’ I was like, ‘It doesn’t matter what I think, ‘Are you happy?'” Eric then revealed. “Why are you asking me if I’m happy, you just sent me a picture of Frankenstein boobs with scars and stitches.”

That response was not what she was looking for.

“Maybe this is why I’m going through a depression,” she quipped, before saying that Winter is “incredible” and “incredibly supportive.”

“I take this picture, my body looks banging, yeah, I have scars but I felt cute. I sent it to my husband … I thought my breasts looked very beautiful. I was like, this could have been more horrific,” she said, sharing her side of the story. “I sent it to my husband, I’m so proud, ‘Are you happy?’ His response was, ‘The question should be, ‘Are you happy?’ I died.”

“I was just hoping you would be like, ‘Hey, baby, wow, you look frickin’ incredible, I can’t wait to bang that,'” she added, as a shocked Winter exclaimed, “What?! You’ve never asked me to talk to you like that.”

She added that she relayed her husband’s reaction to her doctor, who agreed with Winter.

“He sat down and was like, ‘Ros, you didn’t do this for your husband or your friends or the world. You did this for you. So at this moment, you have to ask yourself, are you happy?'” she said. “And you know what, he was right. I’m shocked, they feel tight, my nipples are too dark but the reality is I’m happy.”

Eric explained that while he never thought she needed to get any work done and even tried talking her out of going under the knife at one point, he supported her decision to do it if it was something that would make her happy. “Every single friend of ours … everyone said, ‘It’s not about you, Eric,'” he added, “it’s something you wanted to do.”

Overall, Sanchez said the surgery “was a success” and she’s “feeling better every single day.”

Listen to the conversation above.

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