Rice Cooking Tips: Make hotel like puffed rice at home, recipe here

Rice Cooking Tips: Rice is eaten all over the country. It is one of the popular mines. Which is mostly eaten with lentils, vegetables. Many types of biryani are also made from rice to kheer. You must have seen that many times it happens that even after lakhs of attempts, the rice does not become puffy and it sticks.

If you also want to make hotel-like rice, then this news can be useful for you. Many people also ask you the question that how to cook rice so that it becomes like a blooming hotel. We have come up with the answer to this question. Below are some tips for you, with the help of which you too can make fluffy and tasty rice at home.

How to make hotel-like rice at home? (Rice Cooking Tips)

1. Rice should be washed thoroughly

Before making rice, it should be washed properly. With this his dirt will be cleaned. Also remove the starch, because it is the starch that makes the rice sticky. First of all take rice in a vessel. Then put water in it and wash the rice thoroughly with hands and remove the bad water. Wash the rice at least 3 times till the water runs clear.

2. Rice should be soaked

Make sure to keep the rice soaked to make it more nutritious. You must have seen that most of the people forget to soak the rice in their rush to cook quickly, which does not make it good. If you keep the rice soaked then it will become more puffy in hotel style. By doing this, the grains of rice will be different, which will make it better to see and eat. Therefore, before making rice, soak it in cold water for about 30 minutes.

3. Take care of the amount of rice and water

To make rice nutritious and tasty, you have to keep the ratio of its water right. Cooking experts also say that the ratio of rice and water is most important for making hotel-like rice. If you want to make 1 bowl of rice, then add 2 bowls of water to it.

4. Do not ladle again and again

Do not put ladle again and again in order to make fed rice. Because stirring rice too much removes more starch from long grain rice, which makes whole rice sticky, so whenever you cook rice, do not add ladle to it.

5. Always cover and cook rice

Whenever you make rice, make sure to cover it. This is the most important and big step. This is because it seals the steam inside and ensures that each grain is properly cooked and separated. If you are cooking rice in a cooker, do not open the lid until the whistle is sufficient.

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