President instructs to finish Minipe Left Bank Canal Rehabilitation Project soon

President Ranil Wickremesinghe instructed the officials to speed up the Minipe Left Bank Canal Rehabilitation Project (MLBCRP), which has been delayed for over three years owing to various reasons, and to provide its benefits to the farmers before the next Maha Season.

The President provided these instructions Sunday afternoon (19) while joining an observation tour of the Minipe Anicut construction site.

President Wickremesinghe, after inspecting the plan of the project, also inquired from the engineers about the operation of the project.

In response to the President, Site Manager Kasun Gunawardena made an introduction about the project.

The President also pointed out the possibility of obtaining the support of the students of engineering faculties in Sri Lanka for the future work of the project.

The existing anicut is not sufficient to release water to the left and right bank canals when water is released twice a day from the Rantambe Hydro Power Plant during peak demand for electricity. Due to this, in order to provide more reliable and continuous water supply to Minipe agricultural lands, the Minipe Dam was raised by 3.5 meters and the renovation of the 74 kilometers-long main canal on the left bank of Minipe, was commenced.

After the reconstruction of the Minipe Anicut, constant water supply to farmers will be ensured and the cultivation land on both sides of the left bank of Minipe could be cultivated without obstruction in the Yala-Maha Seasons while providing benefits to 15,000 farmer families.

The cost of the project is Rs. 3,000 million and the construction work is carried out by China Gexhouba Group Company Limited (CGGC).

Minipe Anicut, which was built in 1948, was last renovated in 1980. The specialty is that the renovation work is happening again after a lapse of 40 years.

Senior Advisor to the President on National Security and Chief of Staff of the President Sagala Ratnayake, Director of Minipe Left Bank Canal Rehabilitation Project (MLBCRP) Management Division Engineer D.B. Wijeratne, Project Director Indika Valisundara and other officials attended the event.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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