Pedro Pascal Reveals How He Feels About Mushrooms After Starring In The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal isn’t letting his role in “The Last of Us” get in the way of his love for mushrooms.

During an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the 47-year-old actor revealed that his time starring in the video game adapted series hadn’t deterred him from feasting on fungi … or partaking in any psychedelic pastimes.

HBO’s “The Last of Us” is set in 2023, twenty years after a mass fungal infection threw the world into a global pandemic. After adapting to the world’s warmer and wetter climate, the Cordyceps fungus was able to infect humans and transform them into zombie-like creatures after burrowing into their host’s brains.

“I love mushrooms, all kinds,” Pascal confirmed when host Seth Meyers asked if the show turned him off from toadstools. “The kinds you get at restaurants, the kinds that come in ziploc bags in the 90s and now the kinds that are in these colorful chocolates.”

Meyers joked, “I wouldn’t want to have one of those kinds and then watch ‘The Last of Us,'” to which the “Mandalorian” star replied, “That I would not do. That might put you off it for good so don’t do that.”

Though the apocalyptic series has become an instant smash hit, later in the interview Pascal admitted he had reservations about taking on the project.

“I knew the game was a really big deal, and I was really scared and presumed that the adaptation wouldn’t work,” he explained. “Not because it’s been tricky adapting video games into television shows or movies or anything like that, but because I don’t know, everyone loved it so much.”

The actor contrasted his unease with “The Last of Us” to his “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian,” and how he knew the show would be an overnight success.

“When I saw all of the story illustrations for ‘The Mandalorian,’ I was like ‘This is going to be a hit, no worries’ but I guess in this one you have to see my face,” he joked, referencing his character’s signature helmet.

“The Last of Us” airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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