Paul Rudd's Son Thought He Worked At The Movie Theater

Paul Rudd let his children believe he was just a stellar employee at the local movie theater.

The MCU star explained during an appearance on this past weekend’s “Sunday Today With Willie Geist” that he didn’t want to tell his kids he was a famous actor.

“I’m not gonna sit my kids down when they’re three and say, ‘You know, I’ve got some DVDs to show you,'” he said. “I didn’t really explain what I did.”

How his children came to believe he worked at the theater all started with going to see a movie with some friends when his son, Jack, was four or five.

“We were all going, and there was a movie poster that I was on that was in the lobby,” the Ant-Man star recalled. “So they all just thought that I worked at the movie theater, which I thought was very cute.”

The actor said he’d contribute to the confusion telling his children: “I work at the AMC Lowes.”

However, Rudd may have some apologies to make when he gets home as he joked that his son was a teen before figuring out his dad was a movie star: “I think when he was 15 he finally put it all together.”

Along with Jack, 17, Rudd shares another child Darby, 13, with wife Julie Yaeger.

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