Pamela Anderson Details Split from Kid Rock and His Fight with Tommy Lee

While fans have heard a lot about Pamela Anderson’s relationship with Tommy Lee leading up to the release of her new memoir and documentary, she also spills on her time with fellow ex-husband Kid Rock in the book.

She and Kid Rock — real name Robert “Bob” Ritchie — started dating in 2003, before saying “I do” in 2006. Four months later, they split for good.

In her memoir “Love, Pamela,” Anderson first praised her then-husband for his relationship with her sons. She wrote (via Rolling Stone) that he “had taken on a lot with me and two boys,” saying he was “really great” to her kids, who “loved” him. Detailing their many “adventures” with the children, she praised him for making “a huge effort” with the boys — but added that the “differences” between them were “so apparent.”

She went on to confirm long-standing reports the pair split after a screening of “Borat,” in which Anderson appeared. Saying she didn’t tell him she was even in the movie, he allegedly unloaded on her after he saw she made a reference to her sex tape with Lee in the film. “Bob stormed out, calling me a whore and worse,” she claimed, saying “he was embarrassed, and his reaction was not thought through.”

“After I chased Bob to his car, he peeled out, leaving me there alone. I turned back and apologized, then asked if anyone could give me a ride home,” she continued. “When I walked in, Bob was smashing a photo on the wall. He said he was sick of waking up to a picture of me and David LaChapelle every day. But it wasn’t me and David — it was Marilyn Monroe and Bert Stern.”

The two split, with Anderson writing, “I didn’t stay in touch with Bob” — but the pair would cross paths again, along with Lee, during an explosive moment at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

Pam said that while she “slipped” past Kid Rock to take her seat, “Tommy pulled me onto his lap” as Anderson quipped to fellow guest Criss Angel that she’d love it if he “could make Tommy disappear.” Saying “Bob saw the whole thing and was fuming from his seat across from us,” she said her exes then “dove at each other” and started to fight.

“Fists were flying, and the whole thing ended up on live TV. I walked out,” she added. “It was a setup. MTV must have been thrilled. I told the press waiting outside that we were bamboozled.”

Kid Rock previously claimed Tommy would send him “horrendous” and “Extremely disrespectful” things from Pam’s Blackberry while he and Anderson were divorcing — and a fight was “unavoidable.” Lee, meanwhile, said Kid Rock punched him while he was “minding my own biz” at the ceremony.

Anderson’s memoir, “Love, Pamela” and her Netflix documentary, “Pamela: A Love Story,” will be released simultaneously on January 31.

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