One Sri Lankan woman missing in Turkiye

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador in Turkiye Hasanthi Dissanayake requests Sri Lankans to inform the consular section of the Foreign Affairs Ministry or the Sri Lankan Embassy in Turkiye if there is any information regarding Sri Lankans living in Turkiye.

Accordingly, in addition to the consular section of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs,the ambassador also points out that the Sri Lankan Embassy in Turkey can be contacted through telephone numbers 00903124271032 or 00905344569498.

The Sri Lankan ambassador stated this in a special statement to the media.

Speaking further, the Ambassador pointed out that information has been received so far that about 270 Sri Lankans are living in Turkey and that investigations are currently being carried out into the people registered through the embassy and information has not been received in connection with only one woman who was in the disaster area. However, it has been confirmed that 15 Sri Lankans who were in the area where the earthquake occurred are safe, of which 14 are university students and there are two others who are school students.The Sri Lankan Ambassador said further, “Initially, I contacted them. Two people who were living in the disaster-hit area. After that, I could not get in touch with them via mobile phones. I called another Sri Lankan and got information about their whereabouts and the fact that they were moving to another place.

Anyway, we are trying to find their location and bring them to the embassy. That is what we are looking at now. We are getting the support of the consuls. They have also had problems. Since we are looking for two people, we hope to get them down through other embassies.

There is no information at all about one woman yet. I heard that her mobile phone was contacted.

Even if it is found, she may be somewhere without any trouble. Information is a bit hard to find.

We are trying to get someone who lives close by to give us details. Because the Turkish government has suffered a lot. So far, 3,381 deaths have been reported. And more than 20,400 people have been injured.

Meanwhile, it keeps snowing in this country. It has become difficult to provide relief services due to snowfall and broken roads. There have also been delays in flights. Apart from that, the relief activities have been hampered due to the breakdown of electricity in this country. Also, disaster planning agencies are implementing a plan together. Employees of certain organizations are working from home. Inform the consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Sri Lankan Embassy regarding the Sri Lankans living in Turkiye,”she said.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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