National Independence celebrated in Jaffna with Cultural Festival

The Jaffna District Cultural Festival was held on Saturday at the Jaffna Fort premises in celebration of Sri Lanka’s 75th National Independence Day. The event, which showcased the rich Tamil culture of the Northern Province, was attended by a large number of people from Jaffna and featured a massive music concert.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe was the chief guest of the event and was joined by several high-profile individuals, including Indian State Minister of Fisheries L. Murugan, Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda, the Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Gopal Baglay, and the President’s Senior Advisor on National Security and the Chief of Staff Sagala Ratnayake, President’s Secretary Saman Ekanayake, other government officials and the Chiefs of Security Forces.

The cultural festival was a vibrant display of the cultural heritage of the Northern Province, and the music concert was a highlight of the event, featuring several South Indian artistes. The presence of such a diverse range of people, including government officials, dignitaries, and artistes, demonstrated the importance of this celebration of Sri Lanka’s independence.

In addition to the cultural festival, an Independence Commemorative Parade was held in the afternoon at the Jaffna Cultural Centre, bringing together all five districts of the Northern Province to present various dance elements. Schoolchildren from the Northern Province participated in the parade, which was a showcase of the cultural richness and diversity of the region. The Jaffna District Cultural Festival and the Independence Commemorative Parade were both well-received by the local community and were a testament to the significance of Sri Lanka’s 75th National Independence Day. These events will be remembered for years to come as a celebration of the country’s independence and the rich cultural heritage of the Northern Province.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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