Motion of thanks to President’s address in Parliament today

Motion of thanks: The Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha on Thursday is going to kick-start separate debates on President Droupadi Murmu’s address to both Houses of Parliament assembled together on January 31.

Both the Houses will vote on a motion of thanks for the President’s address after the noon. In Rajya Sabha, Member of Parliament K Laxman will propose a motion to start a debate on the President’s address to both Houses of Parliament on January 31.

Prakash Javadekar, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP and former Union Minister, will second the motion.

However, BJP MP Chandra Prakash Joshi will introduce a motion in the Lok Sabha to debate the President’s address. The motion will be seconded by BJP MP Uday Pratap Singh.

The President’s address is regarded as one of the most solemn events on the legislative calendar. It is the only time of year when the entire Parliament meets. Following that, both Houses of Parliament moved motions to hold a debate on the President’s address.

Ahead of the Union Budget on Wednesday, President Droupadi Murmu addressed the joint sitting of Parliament for the first time since taking office in July 2022, speaking on the government’s achievements as well as its future goals.

In her speech, she lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, saying that it “respects honesty” and is “stable, fearless and decisive, and works to fulfil big dreams”.

The Rajya Sabha, on the other hand, will begin at 11 a.m. with Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar reading an obituary about the death of Shanti Bhushan, an ex-Member of the House of Elders.

In addition, Union Ministers Ashwini Kumar Choube, SP Singh Baghel, and BL Verma will table separate papers in the Rajya Sabha on behalf of the Ministries of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Law and Justice, and Development of the North Eastern Region.

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