Moose Kicks Alaska Woman In Head -- And It Was All Caught on Video

A woman walking her dog thought she had been clipped by a bike last week … only to quickly realize she had been kicked in the head by a moose!

It all went down in Anchorage, Alaska on February 16 as Tracy Hansen was walking her pooch Gunnar at night on a path the pair traverse three times a day. As they were walking, fellow resident Kate Timmons was driving down the same street with her family when she noticed a giant moose charging down the sidewalk behind Hansen.

As she pulled out a camera to record the massive animal, she told her kids, “You guys, this moose is chasing this person.” The car then sped up to try and warn Hansen, as Timmons can be heard screaming, “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Watch out! Watch out!”

But the warning came too late, as the creature kicked up its front legs and knocked Hansen in the head.

“I thought someone had not been paying attention and hit me with a bike or something,” Hansen told KTUU following the incident. “I had put my hands up to my head, and I’m like, ‘I’m bleeding.'”

She quickly realized what was really responsible for the injury, however, when she noticed that a moose she spotted earlier was now directly in front of her.

After scaring the animal off, Timmons and her husband pulled over to help Hansen and got both her and her dog into their truck. She was later treated for her injuries, telling KTUU that she had staples for her head wounds, along with headaches and bruises.

Despite the scary ordeal, she and Gunner have already resumed their walks along the same path — with Hansen saying, “The moose won’t stop that.”

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