Megan Fox Praises Machine Gun Kelly After Grammy Loss and Vulnerable Red Carpet Moment with Laverne Cox

Megan Fox and Laverne Cox are both praising Machine Gun Kelly for his “vulnerability,” “humility and gratitude” following the Grammy Awards, after he was nominated for Best Rock Album but lost to Ozzy Osbourne before the main telecast even began.

Kelly’s category was announced during the pre-show, as he and Fox were walking the red carpet. Though he ultimately didn’t win, his fiancee celebrated his accomplishment as a nominee and how the award experience has allowed her to see him in a new light.

“Congratulations on being in the very small percentage of artists who have received a Grammy nomination. You have handled this process with a grace and maturity that I haven’t seen from you before and I’m so proud of you,” Fox shared to Instagram on Monday night. “Watching you walk in humility and gratitude, watching you grow into yourself and become a better man is an immeasurably more satisfying experience than watching you accept an award.”

“Although those will come … and this is irrelevant I guess but I will just never ever get over how beautiful your face is,” she added. “I hope one day you’ll see yourself the way I see you. I love you and I’ll keep this memory of you forever.”

As the pair walked into the ceremony on Sunday night, Kelly was pretty open about what he learned about himself through the whole process during a candid interview with E!’s red carpet host Laverne Cox.

“Ultimately, I’m really happy to be in the company of such great musicians. I didn’t take the category home, and I almost feel like I asked for that lesson,” he told her. “I feel like I lacked self-love and was valuing myself so much on career accomplishments that I need to appreciate what I already had. Once that self-love happens for me, things like the awards and all that will come.”

Cox reminded him that “the reward is actually getting to be an artist, and getting to do the thing that you love,” adding, “ultimately, there’s nothing outside of us that can make us love ourselves more, it has to come from inside.”

The “Orange Is the New Black” actress reflected back on the moment Monday night on Instagram as well, telling her fans that the interaction “caught me off guard in the most beautiful way yesterday.”

“To witness someone being willing to process in real time, letting go of external validation as a way of getting closer to true self love. The realness. The rawness, the vulnerability!!!! I live for this s—,” she wrote. “This is courage. This willingness to grapple with and tell the truth as that truth is being discovered in real time. Absolutely!! I loved all the amazing artists I interviewed yesterday but @machinegunkelly werk it the F OUT!!!”

“And @meganfox I don’t know you. I know nothing about your relationship. It’s none of my business. But the way you stood off camera nodding and supporting, that felt like real love to me,” she added. “I am just so moved by all of it and feel so privileged to have experienced that energy up close. Thank you MGK and Megan. Just beautiful. #mgk #meganfox #grammys #mentalhealth #selfcare”

“thank you ❤️” MGK added in the comments.

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