‘Maaze le rahi thi’, Priyanka Chaudhary accepts she was faking her pain to win Bigg Boss task

New Delhi: In the February 1 show, a new challenge to reclaim the reward money pushed the BB 16 home into a melee. This resulted in massive conflicts between the contestants. Finally, Shalin Bhanot, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, and Archana Gautam accomplished the work successfully.

In the challenge, there were two teams, A and B, and the victorious team would receive Rs 50 lakhs in prize money. Shiv and Nimrit also intend to use cold water and shampoo. Team B wins the job after standing on their feet for an hour.

Later, Shalin and Priyanka Chaudhary are having a debate about pretending to be in agony during the torture exercise. Shalin, Priyanka, and Archana from Team B were spotted sitting and discussing the task. Shalin says, “Kuch nahi mein ek haath se bhi karta toh voh log hila nahi patein.”

Priyanka tells Archana that Shalin was acting in front of them on purpose saying that he was having problem with the hair removal cream. Priyanka Chaudhary further says “Voh kaan vaan toh mein maaze le rahi thi meine kaha issi mein laga reh achi baat hain”(I had no problem with ear or anything I was trying to have fun around them nothing happened).

Furthermore, team B was planning how to disrupt their game and cause them to lose. Priyanka, Archana, and Shalin prepare for the game by gathering various items that they can use during the torture mission with Nimrit, Shiv, and MC Stan.

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