Karnataka: Drunk man pee on female co-passenger seat in KSRTC bus

Karnataka: In yet another “pee-gate” incident, a 32-year-old man is accused of peeing on a female co-passenger on a non-AC sleeper bus close to Hubballi on Tuesday night, according to TOI. This time, the incident occurred on a public bus run by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC).

The bus has the registration KA-19 F-3554 and was travelling from Vijayapura to Mangaluru.

A fellow passenger reported that a male passenger in his mid-thirties peed on a seat that was occupied by a female passenger in her early twenties. The incident took place when the bus stopped in Kiresur, close to Hubballi, for dinner at a “dhaba.”

“As she shouted, the co-passengers and the bus crew rushed to help her and confronted the youth, who was in an inebriated state. He also misbehaved with the co-passengers and the bus crew. As he was uncontrollable, the passengers forced the crew to deboard him.”

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The crew continued the trip because the female passenger chose not to lodge a complaint, claims a KSRTC official. Rajesh Shetty, senior divisional controller for KSRTC in Mangaluru, claims that the passengers and bus crew informed him about the incident.

Several passengers stated that the male was travelling from Vijayapura to Hubballi in seat number 3 and that the female was travelling in seat number 28 or 29, respectively. According to a fellow passenger, the mechanical engineer was going from Vijayapura to Mangaluru and identified himself as such.

On November 26 of last year, a male business class passenger on an Air India flight from New York to New Delhi is said to have urinated on a female companion.

According to people who boarded the bus, the bus personnel swiftly assisted the woman and cleaned the seats while ensuring her safety.

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