Julia Fox Stalked Drug Dealer She Believed Was Responsible for Friend's Death with a Gun

In the past three years, Julia Fox has lost two friends to drugs — and went on the hunt for a drug dealer she felt was responsible for one of their deaths.

Speaking with Elle, Fox shared quite a wild story about how she — as the mag put it — “stalked” the neighborhood where a drug dealer she believed “provided the fatal dose that killed her friend” lived, staking out on his street with her dead friend’s gun.

“I would literally, like, sit across the street in my car, put the seat all the way down, and watch him through the little side mirror for hours, like coming and going,'” she told Elle, saying she knew where he lived.

“I’m glad I didn’t kill him,” she added — before acknowledging her friend’s death likely wasn’t due to just “one bad bill,” but a combination of factors.

Fox’s story comes after an appearance on “Ziwe” back in November 2022, where she was asked whether she was “pro-women killing men.”

“I think that if the man deserves it, yeah. Why not? Men kill women all the time — for no reason,” she said on the show.

On the same appearance, she also said that if she were president, she would “give guns to every woman and not guns to any men.”

“Because I feel like if they can have a penis, which is a weapon of mass destruction — it can be, it can be — I think that women should be allowed to have the same,” she said at the time. “I think it equals the playing field. I think we wouldn’t get f—ed with so much.”

Read her full Elle profile here.

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