Invigilator’s action to take back calculators causes heartburn

A group of Advanced Level students of Kekirawa Central College have sent a letter to the Examinations Chief that they were not allowed to use a calculator to answer the second question paper of accounting held on February 8, although the calculator was allowed to be used in the first question paper. Imasha Dilhani, a student of the college in her letter to the Commissioner said that great injustice was caused by the invigilator by removing the calculators from the examination hall.

She said that she sat the exam for the second time and she got permission from the invigilators to use a calculator at the last exam. Apart from this, several other students who have suffered injustice have also submitted letters to the Exams Chief.

Dilhani states that a copy of the relevant letters has been sent to the North Central Provincial Education Office and the Regional Education Office in addition to the Commissioner General of Examinations.

However, the invigilator has removed the calculators that were taken by the concerned students as they are unsuitable and because of that, they have been greatly inconvenienced, so they have requested justice to be done to them.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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