Habarana musical festival called off

The Deep Jungle Music and Cultural Festival, which was scheduled from February 17-20 in Karandagaswewa in Habarana was cancelled by the organizers at the last minute   after a conditional court order. The event sparked controversy as its location was situated in an elephant corridor in Habarana. Environmental organizations and activists objected to the event, observing that its high noise levels would severely disturb the wild animals. They pointed out that the event would cause considerable environmental damage to that sensitive ecosystem.

The Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ), RARE, the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS) and the Sri Lanka Nature Conservators (LNC) filed lawsuits against the event. The Hingurakgoda Magistrate’s Court on Friday gave a Conditional Order for the event, while directing the Police and the Wildlife Conservation Department to ensure that loudspeakers and sound amplifiers are not used for the event.

“It is with regret that we announce, despite the permissions and the endorsements that we received, the planned Deep Jungle Music and Cultural Festival is Cancelled. This is unbelievable and unbearable for us as a company, as it is for all our Deep Jungle Fans. Ticket purchases paid for in cash, will be refunded at the gate and the online tickets will be refunded within five working days,” Deep Jungle Entertainment (Pvt) Company posted in Social Media on Saturday.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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