Follow these tips for a Safe and Colorful Holi

All of India’s festivals are observed with music and sweets, but Holi is particularly noteworthy because of the use of color. Playing with colours is enjoyable for people of all ages. Both children and adults alike enjoy painting their faces with vibrant colours and dousing their companions in water from water balloons and water guns.

Yet when you see the harm the brilliant colours have done while you were having fun, this colourful fun comes to an end. You may have noticed the vibrant stains that Holi paint leaves behind on you, your cars, and maybe even inside your home. Also, it frequently occurs that when celebrating Holi, expensive parts of your car and valuables in your home break.

Here are some safety recommendations to help you enjoy this vibrant celebration without having to worry about any harm.

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Safe During Holi

Apply olive or coconut oil before beginning to experiment with colours.
Instead of using chemical colours, play Holi with skin-friendly and organic colours.
Wear clothing that covers your entire body to reduce direct colour contact with your skin.
To avoid and relieve itching caused by colors, apply moisturizer.
To protect your skin and nails, apply a thick sunscreen all over your body and apply nail polish.

Ways to Keep Your House and Items Safe During Holi

Apply anti-stain varnish to your home’s interior and exterior walls.
Make ready to cover your furniture with old bed sheets and store any valuables in a different room in case the colour party decides to invade your home.
To make it simple to remove the decorations when the party is done, rub oil or Vaseline on the doorknobs.
After the festivities are over, instead of cleaning yourself in the bathroom, use the balcony or garden to wash the colours off you.
Place newspapers on the floor of your home to keep them from staining.

Tips for Keeping Your Vehicles Safe During Holi

To avoid damage from Holi colours, apply wax polish to all painted parts of your vehicle.
If you are not using your vehicle that day, keep it covered so that it does not become stained during the colourful celebration.
If you are driving on that day, please drive carefully and slowly to avoid being injured due to skidding on the slick roads.
Instead of using detergent to clean your car, use car shampoo, which will not damage the paint.
To protect the interiors of your four-wheeler, use old curtains and towels.

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