Father rapes minor daughter for eight months; THIS is why mother remained silent…

A relationship tarnishing incident has been reported in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. For eight months, a stepfather undertook dirty chores with his little daughter. The nasty conduct with the girl was known to the mother but she was powerless to act due to public humiliation and threats from her spouse. However, her patience ran out one day, and she went to the police station to seek justice for her daughter. The police then arrested the accused stepfather.

Had been raping minor daughter since July 2022

The incident took place in Vikasnagar’s Selakui police station area. The woman said that she had married a man of a different faith. She also used to keep her first husband’s minor daughter with her. She thought that her second spouse was supposed to be with her for the rest of her life, and that she and her daughter will receive assistance.

However, the stepfather’s plan was reversed on the daughter in July 2022. He had raped her. When the woman learned about her husband’s nasty deed, she objected, and he abused her. Not only that, but he threatened to kill. The woman became terrified as a result. She remained silent out of fear of public humiliation.

Threatened with death for protesting

According to the Tahrir given to the police, the woman stated that after raping her daughter for the first time, her husband apologised and stated that he would not repeat the incident. But, he did not improve. He used to do wicked things with her daughter whenever he returned home inebriated. After all, how long could a mother keep quiet? She went to the police station after fleeing her husband’s brutality and appealed for justice.

Accused behind bars

The police have filed a case against the accused husband under numerous sections, including the POCSO act, based on the woman’s complaint. The police arrested the accused from the Selakui neighbourhood. Further action is underway.

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