'Family By the Ton' Star Who Weighed 845 Pounds Shows Off Major Transformation

A man who appeared on TLC’s “Family By the Ton” back in 2019 is making headlines in 2023 thanks to his impressive transformation in the years since he was on the show.

Casey King and his cousins were all featured on Season 2 of the series, which followed the morbidly obese trio as they prepared themselves for weight-loss surgeries. On the show, he explained that, at his heaviest, he weighed in at 845 pounds, but was a little more than 700 pounds when filming the show.

Due to his size, King had to bathe in a stock tank on his porch … and spent most of his days in bed playing video games naked because, as he put it, “all my clothing is restricting and tight.”

Viewers saw King drop from 711 pounds to 631 pounds before getting approved for gastric-bypass surgery. Following surgery, he ended the series weighing in at 525 pounds — and his journey has only continued from there in four years since his episodes aired.

King has been showing off his ongoing process on social media, often sharing side-by-side photos of him before and after his weight loss. In November 2022, he revealed he was “comfortably sitting” at 245 pounds, adding that it “feels fantastic.”

He also has a GoFundMe linked to his Instagram, to raise money for a skin removal surgery to get rid of excess skin following his transformation. He’s already gone above and beyond his goal; TooFab has reached out to King for comment on his plans for the future.

Though King says “TLC changed my life forever and gave me a second chance to #live,” he also criticized the network in a post last month. Sharing a screen shot from a PEOPLE article about “1000-Lb. Sisters” star Tammy Slaton, he called out the network for not ever contacting him for an update on his health

“I make this post because @tlc while changing my #life forever has never once contacted me for any type of #update but has continued to #promote the lives of people that choose not to accept the #help they so desperately need,” he wrote. “I (and others) lost more #weight than some people could even fathom gaining, I have been the #change that i wanted and steered more and more into being a #better person than I once was.”

“#tlc is a #network that makes its #bag on clicks and #views,” he continued, adding, “I just have always questioned why none of us ever had a chance to update the world on our success but they’ve continued to #promote and push failures.”

He went on to wish Slaton “nothing but the best” in her own journey, saying that he hopes “things change for her and she’s able to take control of the #addiction ruining her life.”

Slaton, who has been open about her struggles with both food and alcohol, was actually just approved for bariatric surgery as well, after reaching her weight loss goal.

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