Face Hair Removal: Girls, fed up of facial hair? Try these two tricks

Face Hair Removal: The hair coming on the face of women can become a thorn in their beauty. When unwanted hair comes, women resort to threading, while some get bleached, but some hairs are like this, and even after all this they spoil the complexion, in such a situation, you can use a home remedy.

Why do women get facial hair?

Hormonal changes can be the reason behind excessive facial hair in women. Experts say that when the amount of androgen increases in a woman’s body, unwanted hair grows in other parts of the face. Not only this, heredity and side effects of some creams and medicines also become a major reason for hair fall.

Face Hair Removal with Homemade tricks

With the help of home remedies, the problem of facial hair can be solved. This will make your face look plump and glowing. Know below the home remedies to remove unwanted facial hair.

1. Remove facial hair with lemon-sugar

Lemon juice, sugar and honey are needed to remove facial hair.
First take 2 to 3 spoons of sugar, then prepare a paste by adding honey to it.
After this you have to heat this paste for two to three minutes.
Then when it gets hot it will become sticky like wax.
After this keep this paste to cool.
When the paste is too hot, add water to it and dilute it.
First apply maize flour or maida where there is hair on the face.
Then apply this paste well on it.
After this remove the hair with the help of waxing strip or cloth.
This recipe will work just like waxing.

2. Egg and maize flour will remove facial hair

First break the egg and remove its white part.
Then mix china and maize flour in the white part.
After mixing well, apply it on the hairy area.
Then let this paste dry for about 20 minutes.
When the face dries, wash it.
You can use it twice a week.
Do not use these people
People who are troubled by ringworm, itching, itching and pimples on the skin should not use it.

Disclaimer: The article concerned is for the information and awareness of the reader. We humbly request you to take medical advice regarding this. Our aim is only to provide you information.

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